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Our People

Our people underline the core values of Dynasty. Our directors, senior management together with each member of staff are determined to achieve the best performance of Dynasty.

Executive Directors
Sun Jun, Chairman & Executive Director
LI Guanghe, General Manager & Executive Director
SUN Yongjian, Executive Director, Director & Secretary of Communist Party Committee of Dynasty Winery
Non-executive Directors
HERIARD-DUBREUIL Francois, Non-executive Director & Vice-chairman
SHI Jing, Non-executive Director
Jean-Marie LABORDE, Non-executive Director
WONG Ching Chung, Non-executive Director
ROBERT Luc, Non-executive Director
Independent Non-executive Directors
ZHANG Guowang, Independent Non-executive Director
YEUNG Ting Lap Derek Emory, Independent Non-executive Director
SUN David Lee, Independent Non-executive Director

List of Directors and their Role and Function

Senior Management Team
HO Yiu Sum, MCG, FCPA, FCCA, ACS, ACIS, Financial Controller & Company Secretary
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