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Dynasty Wisemenship Collection Fiera

This exquisite half-dry white wine is made from muscat grapes blended with incense and delicate chardonnay. The pale yellow colour gives aromas of rose with tropical and citrus hints of pineapple and lychee. Enjoy the delicate notes of honey which lead to a sweet clean finish and subtler nuances of fruit. It pairs divinely with any variety of seafood and brings out the flavors of light meat dishes. Enjoy chilled (6~8 C) soon after opening.

Dynasty Wisemenship Collection Elegantia

This hearty merlot-variety red wine was carefully oak barrel matured. The ruby red color gives off definite yet gentle aromas of red cherry, blackberry and spring flowers offset by elegant oak and spices. It is a full-bodied wine with rich yet balanced flavors and mature tannins for a long finish. Best paired with foie gras and braised meat and vegetable dishes like lamb chops or roast suckling pig with steamed sides. Enjoy just below room temperature (12~16C).

Dynasty Wisemenship Collection Modesta

This dry Merlot-variety red wine was maticulously matured in French oak barrels to an elegant deep ruby red. With aromas of sweet blackberry, coffee and sumptuous undertones of meat and butter, this wine easily qualifies as dense and rich. Soft tannins round-out the structure and bring it to a gentle finish. For perfection, enjoy at room temperature (16~18 C) with barbecue and hearty steak.

Dynasty Wisemenship Collection Ravissantia

This dry red cabernet sauvignon offers a full-bodied experience: The immaculate ruby red color aged in high quality French oak barrels for 18 months, culminating in a blend of perfection permeated by delectable red berry flavors with rich mulberry and black cherry overtones. At the same time, bursts of bell pepper and soft eucalyptus herbal fragrances harmonize with clove, cinnamon, licorice and subtle oak smells that elucidate sweetness. Pair with smoked grilled meats, goose liver, mushrooms or mild Chinese cuisine at room temperature (16~18C) for a sublime experience.

Dynasty Merlot Dry Red Wine Reserve

With strong yet subtle notes of dark plum, dark cherries and blackcurrant jam, this Merlot dry red wine outlines silky tannins and a full body structure. Maturation in French oak barrels contributes hints of cinnamon, clove, cocoa and coffee beans combined with cedar wood.

Harvested from Ningxia, the best grape growing area of China, the perfectly ripened grapes deliver a ready- to- drink and very fruit forward nectar to be ideally married with preserved, grilled, barbecued or braised meat dished as aged and matured cheeses such as Parmesan.

Dynasty Merlot Series - Gold Label

The sustained ruby color leads naturally to smells and flavors of red fruits such as raspberry and cranberry complemented by cassis, a touch of oak, some acetone, eucalyptus tree leaves and mint.

Harvested from Ningxia, the best grape growing area of China, with a dry character and balanced acidity, its true red fruit expression is highlighted leading to a medium length finish. Best matched with pata negra and Parma ham, roasted poultry and wild fowl as well as Asian spiced casserole or braised dishes.

Dynasty Merlot Series - Red Label

This wine ruby color comes with a light purple rim giving out the presence of sweet black fruit such as blackcurrant alongside that of red fruit such as cherries. Other aromas outline eucalyptus leaves and fresh herbs, a light note of cedar wood, some bacon as well as leather.

Harvested from Ningxia, the best grape growing area of China, the palate is dry with smooth and well integrated tannins, excellent balance of fruit versus alcohol, a medium to long finish and quite a powerful bouquet. Best matched with Chinese cold cuts, soya sauce based meat dishes, barbecued meats, grilled fish.

Dynasty Premier Royal Selection - Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2008

Lots of raspberries, black cherries and blackcurrant notes, complemented by herbaceous smells of capsicum and eucalyptus. Ageing in French and Spanish oak barrels adds sweet spices such as clove, cinnamon and liquorice to the subtle oaky character. Its very balanced acidity is rounded by very soft tannins for a medium body middle palate and a long finish in the mouth. It is best matched with smoked cold cuts, grilled and barbecued meats, Asian and western casserole meat dishes, semi-mature as well as aged cheeses, and even spicy dishes.

Dynasty Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2010

Full-bodied and originated from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes give aromas of blackcurrant, plum and blackberries on the nose. Soft tannins, ideally served with stewed meat and mature cheeses.

* This red wine is also available in 375ml, apart from the regular 750ml

Dynasty Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

This dry, very young and fruity red wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot having the fruit flavors of red cherry, strawberry mixed with banana and cinnamon on the nose. Ideally complement all preserved meats.

Dynasty Chardonnay Reserve 2010

A dry white wine which displays notes of peach, pear, citrus fruit and almond on the nose confirmed in the mouth by lemon and green apple flavors. Best served with fish, shellfish and salads.

Dynasty Chardonnay 2010

Carries notes of ripe pineapple, grapefruit, as well as hints of freesia flower. With medium body and touches of green apple, it is a perfect accompaniment to cooked shellfish, rich seafood dishes with cream sauce, and salad with French dressing.

Dynasty Medium Dry White Wine

Made predominantly from Muscat and complemented by Riesling Italico as well as a touch of Chardonnay, this medium dry white wine presents itself under a pale yellow livery. Its nose is reminiscent of honey complemented by citrus fruits such as lemon and lime, as well as pink grapefruit complemented by floral notes from flowers such as acacia, fresia and jasmine. The aromas bouquet is seductive, suggesting a flowery first approach for those who like to start aperitif on a sweeter note. The palate is harmonious and layered, starting with a sweet honeyed touch leading to crispness highlighting the presence of citrus and tropical fruits such as ripe pineapple and some hints of lychee. The finish is dry for a light body, leaving a very pleasant impression in the mouth. This wine will best match fish curries, chili crab and generally most full flavored dishes made from fish or white meat. Because of its medium dry character, it can be paired also with cheeses containing dry fruits or nuts.