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Production Process

Dynasty's grape suppliers are required to follow our specific vineyard management and grape growing guidelines. When the harvesting season approaches, our quality control team examines the pH value of the grapes to ensure the natural sugars and acids level in the grapes are of a desired balance and meet our quality standards.

Crushing and Pressing
Once harvested, grapes are delivered to our production plants or our grape juice suppliers where they are immediately crushed by a crusher (for red wines) or pressed in a presser (for white wines). This process is under strict quality control.

Fermentation and Separation
The resulting juice is then pumped into fermenting container for alcoholic fermentation at specified temperatures. The unprocessed wine is put into the separation process.

Filtration Processing, Cold Stabilization and Ageing
Upon the completion of cold stabilization, the wines are aged and stored in stainless steel containers at specified temperatures over different time periods.

Sterilization and Bottling
Once the ageing period is over, the wines have to go through stringent germ free filtration and assessments before it is transported to the bottling plants for bottling and packaging.

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