Dynasty 5-star Icewine Reserve

Dynasty 5-star Icewine Reserve
Brand: Dynasty Wine
Product Code: refw
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Price: $2,200

Country: Tianjin, China

Wine Color: Pure Golden

Principles Grape Variety: Vidal Grapes


Tasting Note:

Shining with its pure golden tones with amber hues reflect the richness of this sweet wine, the nose gives out apricots, honey, mango, fig, quince, dried fruits and hazelnuts. In the mouth, the richness and luscious tones are complemented by woody and smoky scents finishing with roasted almonds. This full bodied wine has a distinctive balance of high acidity and syrupy sweetness.

Food Match:

Sweet desserts, blue cheese, dark chocolate and goose liver


HKD: 2,200.00/ box (Two bottles standard box)